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Capstone project from my B.S. in game design at Full Sail University. Worked with a team of four other students over the course of six months to make this game from scratch (we had art students supply some of our visual assets). This is just meant to showcase what we made, not to make a profit for any of our team so no need to donate. A few small bugs that can be worked around:

- When playing the tutorial you'll need to see and use the mouse cursor. To fix this just hit Tab to toggle it on and off.

- Some levels hitting Escape won't always open the menu. To fix this just get killed or caught and you get the same options.

- In levels where you can crouch under tables, you can get stuck in the crouch pose. To fix this just hold the crouch key and walk under a table, then release the crouch key while still under the table and walk out.

Install instructions

Download and unzip the "Rafi's Escape Download" folder, then just run the executable "RafisEscape". That's all, just make sure you keep the executable in "Rafi's Escape Download" folder with the rest of the files or it won't run.


Rafi's Escape Download.zip 48 MB

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